Strengthening the Bond Between Animals and Their Caretakers

Mark Pieloch is a scientist and entrepreneur who has a reputation for getting things done. His keen analytical mind made pharmacological research an ideal career choice. An animal lover since childhood, Pieloch knows how deeply the human-animal bond runs. He also knows about the loss of trust when a cat or dog’s human caretaker has to force feed medications or nutritional supplements. Combining his research talents with his desire to help companion animals, he set out find a way to make medications more palatable to improve the lives of dogs, cats, horses and their humans.

After earning his pharmacy bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Pieloch pursued a master’s in business administration from the University of Michigan. After receiving this in 1983, he landed a job as a production planning analyst for Sterling Drug in McPherson, Kansas. Moving up the ranks to become senior production planning analyst, Pieloch left to join SmithKline Beecham Animal Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1985. After working his way up from research pharmacist to director of Pharmaceutical Development, he decided to leave SmithKline Beecham and strike out on his own.

In 1990, Pieloch founded Pharma Chemie, a company that develops and manufactures a wide range of great-tasting nutritional supplements that are sold under private labels around the world. As Pharma Chemie took off and continued to grow, he founded additional businesses, including Peak Nutrition, PalaTech Laboratories and FlavorTek. In 2003, Mark founded Pet Flavors, now called PF Inc., to research and develop palatable flavor bases attractive to cats, dogs and horses. By adding these desirable flavors to supplements and medications, pets simply eat their medicine because it tastes good.

Still active in research, Pieloch obtained a patent for Phycox in 2007. Phycox is a supplement containing phycocyanin, a proven, safe and effective treatment for canine and equine arthritis. In 2008, he launched Phycox (PSPC Inc.). The company develops and manufactures a full product line of supplements designed to ease joint pain and reduce inflammation.

Pieloch sold Pharma Chemie in 2012 to concentrate solely on PF Inc. and PSPC, Inc. He conducts ongoing research into making medicines and supplements tastier and easier to administer and to improve and support the physical health of companion animals.

The human-animal bond is unmistakable. In the United States, the number of households owning dogs is over 43 million; cats are in more than 36 million homes and horses are owned by over 1.5 million households. The pet industry has experienced exponential growth, offering everything from luxury clothing to high-end food products. Research shows that people who own pets are often healthier, have lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels and better mental health. Animals serve as guides and assist the disabled to live fuller lives. Most people consider their pets members of the family. They take them to the vet for preventive health care, medicate them when needed and do whatever they can to give them long and healthy lives. Mark Pieloch’s painstaking research and dedication to improving the lives of pets and the humans who love them keeps the bond between them strong.