Entrepreneur Helps Companion Animals Live Pain-Free Lives

Mark Pieloch, like most other successful entrepreneurs, found a way to combine his talents and interests to build a business that is not only lucrative, but rewarding as well. An accomplished scientist, he has a strong desire to improve the lives of horses and dogs and help them live better, happier and healthier lives. Back in 1978, however, when Pieloch earned his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, he never dreamed where it would lead.

A naturally gifted scientist, Pieloch completed the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy five-year bachelor’s program in just three and a half years. He graduated magna cum laude and immediately went on to get his master’s in industrial pharmacy. With an eye on the corporate world, he went to the University of Michigan and graduated with a master’s in business administration. Pieloch worked at several pharmacies, but it wasn’t until he became researcher, manager and eventually the director of Pharmaceutical Development for SmithKline Beecham Animal Health that his true calling became apparent. Here, he realized that he could combine his skills with his love for animals and help millions of dogs, cats and horse live healthier than before.

In 1990, Pieloch started his first company, Pharma Chemie. Created to develop better tasting and more palatable flavors of pet medicines and supplements, the company’s ultimate mission was to make it easier for pet owners to administer veterinary recommended dosages. As any pet owner knows, getting a dog or a cat to take medicine they don’t want to take is nearly impossible. Medications that are tasty make giving the correct supplement or medicinal dosage much easier.

In 2003, Pieloch started Pet Flavors, Inc. (PF Inc.) to develop good tasting, palatable flavor bases as additives for chewable tablets, granules and soft chew supplements and medication for cats, dogs and horses. Appealing flavors for cats and dogs include beef and meat flavors and sweet apple and molasses for horses. Flavor acceptance rates for dogs are over 95 percent, over 90 percent for cats and over 97 percent for horses. Clients all over the world, such as Abbott Animal Health, Bayer Animal Health, Merck Animal Health and Merial, use PF Inc. formulated flavors.

In 2007, he obtained a patent for phycocyanin, which is a unique ingredient used for the treatment of non-human mammal arthritis. In 2008, Pieloch launched the Phycox family of products that supports dog and horse joint health. Exhaustively researched, the Phycox line is a safe and proven supplement designed to naturally reduce joint discomfort and inflammation.

Pet ownership in the United States has tripled since the 1970s to over 164 million dogs and cats in homes today. Mark Pieloch realizes that the bond between humans and animals is a strong one. Scheduling regular visits to the veterinarian, treating pets when they are ill and making them comfortable as they age is part of responsible pet ownership. With over 30 years of experience formulating, testing and developing stable animal-health products, Pieloch’s work in making medicines and supplements taste better ensures that medications are easily given without force. His painstaking research and development of joint-support supplements gives dog and horse owners the tools to keep their pets active and free from pain.