The Value of a Master’s Degree in Industrial Pharmacy – Mark Pieloch

Mark Pieloch‘s master’s degree in Industrial Pharmacy has been a valuable tool in his ongoing rise to the top of the pharmaceutical field. These specialty degree programs require students to acquire a thorough knowledge of drug product development techniques from the initial stages of formulation through testing and release to the consumer marketplace. Master’s degree requirements typically include coursework in food and drug law studies; drug discovery and registration; chemical manufacturing and quality controls; processes and workflows; and documentation of all relevant activities during the development stages and throughout the life cycle of a pharmaceutical product line.

Mark Pieloch: Keys to Success in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A large portion of Mark Pieloch’s success in pharmaceutical development can be traced back to his educational experiences in secondary school and university. During his high school career, Mark traveled to Germany to study for a year in Osnabruck. This experience and his subsequent studies at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and the University of Michigan provided him with the education, knowledge and flexibility needed to take on his first positions in the pharmaceutical industry. After honing his experience in these pivotal roles, Mark soon found himself at the top of the corporate ladder, thanks to his solid educational background and willingness to take risks in the working environment.

Mark Pieloch: Creativity the Key Ongoing Success

One key to Mark Pieloch’s rise to the top of the corporate pharmaceutical world is his creativity and inventiveness. Most educational experts agree that these traits are formed during early childhood and are the result of active encouragement on the part of parents, teachers and caregivers.

By providing children with a wide range of colorful interactive toys and guiding them to use these items in creative ways, adults can foster innovation and instill a sense of adventure that can serve these little ones well in their future endeavors. Children with a healthy sense of curiosity and wonder about the world around them typically do better academically and in their later business ventures and career paths. As children progress in the academic environment, teachers can help them develop leadership skills by encouraging them to take risks and to challenge themselves with assignments outside their comfort zones. This can prepare them for facing the challenges of entrepreneurship and can help them develop a healthy tolerance for the risk-taking required to start a new business.

Mark Pieloch’s own experience in creating companies from the ground up has provided him with valuable insights into fostering creativity in his colleagues. By teaching children these skills at a young age, they can easily translate them into the proficiencies required to take on new responsibilities and challenges. This can lead to added opportunities in later life and can allow students to establish their own success stories in the business and academic fields.

Mark Pieloch: Pharma Chemie Prospers Despite Struggling Economy

Even in the recent economic downturns, Mark Pieloch can be proud of the performance of Pharma Chemie. He created the company in 1990 and maintained a leadership position until Pharma Chemie split into two separate corporate entities in 2012. Mark retained ownership and controlling interest in one, PSPC, but sold his remaining interests in Pharma Chemie to Paul Jonjak, the owner of Pet Tech Laboratories. Jonjak retained the staff currently working at the Syracuse, Nebraska, plant and continues to pursue the Pharma Chemie mission of serving pet pharmaceutical and nutritional firms throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Pharma Chemie focuses on two primary areas in its daily operations. Its animal health products line includes pet nutritional products for dogs, cats and horses. The products’ appealing taste is readily acceptable to companion animals, making dosing and good nutrition easier for pet owners. Staff members at Pharma Chemie also perform research into the most appealing flavors and effective presentation strategies for pet medications and nutritional supplements. By creating good-tasting vitamin and mineral supplements for canine, feline and equine pets, the scientists and researchers at Pharma Chemie can improve the health and longevity of these beloved four-legged family members.

Even after Mark Pieloch divested himself of his interests in Pharma Chemie, the company he founded continues to provide elite pharmaceutical research products to the companion pet industry. Mark’s legacy continues to live on in the work performed at Pharma Chemie and the help this company provides for pets and people throughout the country and around the world.